Charge It in Loves Park for Extended Battery Life

February 29, 2016

Here's an interesting statistic for our in Loves Park, Illinois, drivers: Only 30 percent of car batteries make it to 48 months. And the life expectancy varies by where you live. It ranges from 51 months in extremely cold areas to ju... More

Fuel Saving Tip: Auto Myths Around Loves Park

February 28, 2016

With high fuel prices in Loves Park, Illinois, comes lots of gas saving advice. Some of it, like what you hear on is great. When you get one of those e-mails that's going around telling you how to save gas, try to think it through.... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Rockford: When to Replace Your Wiper Blades

February 28, 2016

There are several important factors that go into how often Loves Park drivers should replace their wiper blades. Of course, the more you use your wipers, the faster the blades will wear out especially if you use them on an icy windshield. Whether its a lot of bugs and road grime from Illinois fr... More

Talk to Tuffy Rockford About New Shoes for Your Vehicle

February 27, 2016

Custom wheels are one way that Loves Park folks express themselves and personalize their vehicle. But they aren't as cheap and easy as sticking decals on your back window. There are several factors that need to be considered, includi... More

Fuel Saving Tip: Dirty Oil in Your Loves Park Vehicle

February 26, 2016

If you're a quart low in your vehicle, there isn't enough motor oil to lubricate your engine properly. The extra friction causes drag that reduces fuel economy while you're driving around the Loves Park area.The same goes for dirty oi... More

Does Your Car Have A Recall Item?

February 25, 2016

No matter how well they're made, vehicles are bound to have problems with their design or manufacturing. Think of all the moving parts. When the government thinks a problem is really serious, they require the vehicle manufacturer to ... More

It Is Time to Check Your Intervals

February 25, 2016

Part of the engineering that goes into designing a vehicle is testing the components to ensure that they meet durability and safety standards. Because of this, manufacturers have a good idea as to how long the parts in your vehicle w... More

Another Couple of Years: Making Your Vehicle Last With Help From Tuffy Rockford

February 24, 2016

A while back, the Cash for Clunkers program was all over the Illinois news. Loves Park people could trade in their old vehicle for a new one that got better gas mileage and receive a government rebate. A lot of Loves Park motorists h... More

Timing Belt Replacement in Loves Park

February 24, 2016

Today we want to talk to Loves Park car owners about timing belts. Theyre something that many Loves Park drivers dont know much about and yet your vehicle wont run if its broken and it could cause many thousands of dollars damage if it does break. A broken timing belt is usually a... More

Hitting The Brakes In Belvidere

February 11, 2016

Hello Loves Park , let's talk about brakes. Braking, as all Illinois auto owners know, is slowing or stopping your vehicle. As you can imagine, brakes are engineered to work well on a particular vehicle application. For example, you would expect more powerful brakes on a heavy-duty... More