Higher Mileage Service Intervals For Loves Park

February 26, 2015

Loves Park motorists have probably noticed that the government mandates a lot of equipment on cars: emission devices and control computers; safety equipment like airbags; and crash worthiness requirements. All of this is great for the motoring public in Chicago but it does add quit... More

Are There Blind Spots In Loves Park Illinois ?

February 20, 2015

All Loves Park drivers have blind spots and no, I'm not talking about the fact that you really don't sing like Adele. I mean the areas of the road that you can't see when you're driving around Loves Park . First let's talk about our own blinds spots, and then we can talk about other... More

Give Your Engine Clean Fuel With A New Fuel Filter From Tuffy Rockford

February 11, 2015

Your SUV requires plenty of clean fuel to run. If your fuel contains contaminants, your fuel injectors will eventually become clogged up. When this happens, your SUV engine may not get the proper amount of fuel at the correct pressure to run at peak performance. This hurts gas milea... More

Drive Train - What You Need to Know In Loves Park

February 4, 2015

One Loves Park automotive service issue that doesn't get much attention is driveline service. Drivelines don't get talked about very much around Chicago , but they're very important. First let's define what the driveline is: Taking a small step back, the power plant is comprised of ... More